Mahomes and Future Issues That Contact Poses

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the team have agreed to a deal worth up to $503 million over the course of 10 years. This half-billion-dollar contract is the largest in the history of sports. This deal comes as no surprise after Mahomes was a massive contributor in helping win Kansas City a Super Bowl in 2019.

The issues behind this contract stems towards the other players in the league that now have the expectations of making that kind of money for themselves. Now, they may not be expecting half a billion dollars, but it will be more than what would have been before. One player that specifically comes to mind is a fellow quarterback in Baker Mayfield.

In 2018, the Browns signed Baker to a four-year, $32.68 million contract as the first overall pick in that NFL Draft. Just for fun, divide that with Mahomes’ new deal and it’s 15.39 times the amount of money. Of course, it is over the course of much less time for Mayfield.

Throughout the next two seasons, it would be fantastic if Mayfield had an extreme amount of success at the quarterback position for the Browns. Last year, it was 22 touchdowns thrown to 21 interceptions. That will not get the former Sooner any type of contract like Mahomes just signed. Maybe a backup role.

It is simply with this contract that was just signed, any amount of success is going to show in a few years when Mayfield hopefully re-signs with the Browns. The negotiations will be intense and the Mahomes contract will be a likely source of division or contention between the two parties. First things first, Baker Mayfield needs to perform well on the field for the next two years. If that doesn’t happen, forget any type of contract negotiations.

Hats off to Mahomes for making that kind of money, though! Incredible.

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