Magic vs Cavs Game Five: What The Cavs Need To Do To Get Back On The Winning Path?


So far the Magic vs Cavs series has been as close as many expected. The battle moves back to Cleveland for Game Five after each team won their first two home matches. The Cavs looked solid in Games One and Two at home but then played back-to-back awful games in Florida. So, what do the Cavs need to change for Game Five to regain control of this series? 

Magic vs Cavs – can the Cavs score more than 100 points?

The most obvious and simple answer as to what the Cavs need to do to win Game Five is to start scoring! Despite winning their first two games at home the Cavs are yet to score more than 97 points in this duel. 

Things have gone progressively worse too. The Cavs scored only 97 and 96 points in their wins in Games One and Two. They managed only 83 and 89 in Orlando when losing heavily twice. Clearly, to win an NBA playoff series the Cavs need to be much better offensively. So, how can the Cavs can achieve that? 

Magic vs Cavs Game Five must-do for the Cavs to win again:

Here are the things we think the Cavs need to improve on in Game Five so they retake the lead in this series. 

Time to wake up Darius Garland!

During the four regular season matches vs Magic Darius Garland averaged 26.7 points. He’s averaging just 12.0 points per game in the first four games of this series. Garland needs to find his scoring again and help much more offensively. He has proven he can score against this Magic Defense it’s about time for him to figure out a way to do so again. 

The Cavs need to find their aim from beyond the arc

To win Game Five the Cavs must be much better from the three-point line. The Cavs averaged as a team 36.7% from beyond the arc during the regular season. They outscored the Magic on average by 15 points from distance during the four regular season matches. So far, in this series, the Cavs are shooting just 26.7% from distance. 

Donovan Mitchell’s average for the first four games from distance is just 25.0%. Max Struss is even worse – 17.6%. This slump is not natural and we know the Cavs are way better, so we firmly believe they will find their sharp shooting soon. 

Attack the paint when Wendell Carter Jr. is on the court

The Magic opted to start Wendell Carter Jr. as a center in Games Three and Four. The Cavs failed to adjust to the smaller center and both Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley continued to shoot contested mid-range shots instead of attacking the rim. 

If the Cavs want to win Game Five their bigs need to get back to work properly. Allen and Mobley have the height advantage to dominate inside the paint and they need to do so. (If Allen plays with rib injury)

If the Cavs find a way to improve even just slightly in all these three areas then we can see them retake the lead in this series and protect their home-court advantage. 

Magic vs Cavs – our prediction

Of course, we trust the Cavs to find a way to win Game Five. Donovan Mitchell is overdue for a big attacking display. Darius Garland is far better than what he has shown us so far. Our prediction for Game Five is for a double-digit Cavs win and 100+ points scored by the home team. 

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