Madden 19 Simulations: Tyrod Taylor Edition

Week 17 BAL

After week 12 the Browns struggled all the way until the last week of the season, isn’t what they always do? There wasn’t a single close game between Week 13 and 16.

Taylor played spoiler for the Baltimore Ravens wildcard hopes as he threw for 254 and led the Browns to a 5-11 finish. Taylor once again threw two touchdowns and put the final touches on his first season with the Browns.

This was the second win for the Browns against the Ravens as they swept the division matchup.

At this point in the season, if it were real life, you could’ve expected to see Baker Mayfield out there on the field.

Taylor played mediocre throughout the season and you could see this when the Browns won games, Taylor wasn’t always the reason they won and only on a handful of occasions was he remotely the reason they won games.

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