Madden 19 Simulations: Tyrod Taylor Edition

Week 12 CIN

My goodness. The Browns had me worried at this point during the simulation that they wouldn’t win another game. After week six, the Browns lost four games straight and entered the Bye Week on a vicious cold streak.

Week 12 featured the Browns first matchup with the Bengals this season and Taylor was a bright spot. He torched the Bengals defense throughout the game.

Tyrod had an 88-yard bomb to Josh Gordon before halftime and it ranked as the 3rd longest passing touchdown during the season in the NFL. Taylor finished with 353 yards, a season-high, and signs of his great play showed.

I didn’t have many expectations of the Browns winning a game after this week as they faced the young gunning Houston Texans and Denver Broncos, just to name a few.

Taylor finished the game with a 100.8 passing rating.

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