Madden 19 Simulations: Tyrod Taylor Edition

Week 6 LAC

Week 6 featured the first winning streak for the Cleveland Browns. I was very surprised to see Cleveland defeat the Chargers as many media members expect a breakout season for the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Browns were bailed out by a 100+ yard rushing performance by Duke Johnson Jr. and an above average day for a deflated defense. Johnson rushed for 1/6 of his yards on the season in this game.

Taylor showed a loss of control as he threw two of his 15 interceptions on the season in Week 6.

When I simulated the season with Taylor as the starter, I expected him to take charge and be the main reason they would win games. However, it seemed like Taylor was lost out there some weeks.

The offense line didn’t provide Taylor that much protection either as he was sacked three times this game.

Next week would feature an easy game in Tampa Bay or at least I thought it would be easy.

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