Madden 19 Simulations: Tyrod Taylor Edition

Tyrod shines early, falters late


Tyrod struggled out the gate and the team as a whole were steamrolled early. Finishing with a 5-11 record was just about what my expectations were.

The Browns lost Mychal Kendricks early on in the season, but that was the only major injury for the team. I simulated with Josh Gordon on the roster as well as Antonio Callaway.

There weren’t any outstanding games for Taylor although there were a few games where he threw over 300 which hasn’t been a normal thing for a Browns quarterback in the past couple years.

There were two games in particular where I thought the Browns would win and that’s the Buccaneers and Raiders game. With Taylor at the helm they struggled to finish games and although one of their best defenders blew his knee out, they still struggled immensely. In the upcoming slides, we talk about each game Taylor and the Browns won.

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