Madden 19 Simulations: Tyrod Taylor Edition


Playing Madden with the Cleveland Browns in the past hasn’t been fun, but this year is different. Cleveland finally has quarterbacks worth playing with in the Madden video game. Fans can go the cautious route and use Tyrod Taylor or they can get risky and use rookie sensation, Baker Mayfield.

The biggest topic of discussion this season is the quarterback battle going on at training camp. In an unprecedented turn of events, the Browns have a good quarterback. Scratch that, they have TWO good quarterbacks.

For this article, we will be simulating an entire season with Tyrod Taylor as the starting quarterback. We will be doing another article with Mayfield as the starter.

We will break it down by showing the final overall schedule for the team, unfortunately, you aren’t able to take a screenshot of the final week of the season.

The next topic of discussion will be a breakdown of each winning week. This section will contain a screenshot of the quarterback’s passing log. We will go into detail for each of these weeks and explain how the game unfolded.

The final part of the article will speak on if any player was in contention for an award, this includes player of the week. We will also speak on how the quarterback ranked among the NFL.

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