Love is in the Air

Updated: October 2, 2017

Earlier this month, Head Coach Tyronn Lue came out and said that there are many new ways he wants to try and guard the Warriors this upcoming season. If you recall back in May, Lue said the Celtics were more difficult to guard than Golden State. Well as of yesterday, there are rumors speculating that Lue wants to make Kevin Love the new starting center and have Tristan Thompson come off the bench. This would allow LeBron to stay at SF or move to the four, while Crowder would assume the vacant starting role.

I think this would be great for the Cavaliers for two reasons:

1. With Love at the 5, it creates much more spacing on the floor. It gives LeBron and Wade more room to operate to kick and drive. With the addition of Crowder and Thomas, the three-point shooting will be there more than ever before. Crowder shot a career-high 40% from three last year. The Cavs will more than likely play through Love at the elbow on the offensive end, which will create the opportunities for drive and kicks. With Love moving to the 5, it also allows the defensive side to switch on ball screens better. For instance, in the Finals, we saw the Cavs do this all the time but the problem was Thompson would end up on a Klay or Steph and it would not end well.

2. With putting Thompson to the bench, he could be a spark plug to the second unit. The bench always has trouble scoring and rebounding when LeBron or Love are not on the court. He could create more second chance opportunities with his offensive rebounding abilities and can help tremendously on the defensive side of the ball.

Moving Love to the five, would benefit the Cavaliers in the long run especially going against Golden State.

In other news, Lue is trying out Wade at backup point guard until Thomas comes back. With putting Wade in a backup role to the Point Guard, he can see the court more and it creates more opportunity of using/resting guys that need it on a particular night. With the acquisitions made during the offseason, the Cavs are going to be a fun team to watch with all the possible lineups. Lue will definitely make all the right changes to make this team click on all cylinders come April.

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