Love Hurts: Time To Trade Him

Kevin Love has not been behaving like the class-act we’ve known him to be. From “The Stop” in 2016, to everything in between since the team traded for him from Minnesota, the man has been great. Now, he’s acting like playing for this Cavaliers team is the worst thing ever.

Let’s be honest – it’s not a great team. However, there is something about being a professional that Love is not doing. It is clear, obvious and making waves across social media:

The 31-year-old is making 21 million this year and is averaging 16.6 points, 10.5 rebounds and 2.9 assists.

In theory, it would be nice for Love to serve as a mentor to the younger players until he is inevitably traded to a contender for some more young assets. However, multiple hissy-fits later and here we are. The Cavs just lost to OKC by a score of 121-106 at home.

Love only had 12 points and a lot of yelling at teammates.

A concern about this recent behavior is if it lowers his trade value. Other teams may be concerned that he is unable to carry himself in a professional matter anymore. They’d be less likely to give up assets to this team for Love.

Now, in defense of Love, it has to be frustrating to play on a team that is 10-25 on the season after being in contention every single year in the past. However, c’mon man. Love knows better than to start carrying himself like a fool.

Expect for the veteran to be traded in the near future.

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