November 28, 2022

Looking Back On LeBron James…Through 2010 Facebook Posts of Mine

I saw this post on my Facebook memories and it just brought so many emotions to the forefront of my thinking presently.

In the above post, I am, of course, referring to LeBron James and his original ability to test the free agency market. King James had the ability to sign with another team.

My Facebook posts were going to keep LeBron in Cleveland. At the time, I was only a 13-year-old boy that absolutely idolized LeBron. I mean, I had grown up with this superstar and watched year after year as he played some of the best basketball fans have ever seen…and it was on my beloved Cleveland Cavaliers.

I had more to say:

That certainly took a lot of creativity to think of and write out in the form of a status trying to keep LeBron on the Cavaliers.

Back in the day, I was known for my Facebook statuses. Whether it be for humor, sports, fun or whatnot. Here in 2010, I really thought LeBron was going to stay in Cleveland and re-sign with the Cavs. However, we all know the story with James taking his talents to South Beach and ending up a member of the Miami Heat.

I, along with the rest of Cleveland, hated LeBron so intensely after this move. That would change after four more years and a return back to Cleveland in 2014. More so, winning this city the championship in 2016 was the ultimate resurgence of LeBron in Cleveland.

LeBron would leave again for the Los Angeles Lakers, but it didn’t carry the same hate as the first time he left. This is clearly due to actually winning that championship.

As free agency begins for the NBA today, some players are going to ultimately change teams. It’s a part of the game and is certainly difficult for many fans that have to deal with the best of the best leaving for another opportunity that they feel is better.

A classic slogan that I certainly love to say is, “I root for the Cleveland teams and not the players.” 

Of course, any team is made up of players and that doesn’t need to be said. It’s the idea that whoever puts on that jersey for the Cavs, Browns or Indians, is who I will be cheering on.

Forever and always!



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