Looking at the Browns Most Winnable Games This Season


Week 11: Jaguars at Browns

This will be an interesting matchup of teams who both have a lot of young talent. Much like the Bengals game, the key for this one will once again be pressuring the quarterback. Jaguars’ quarterback Blake Bortles has greatly struggled with not turning the ball over since entering the league in 2014. If the Browns want to win this game they’ll have to force turnovers off of Bortles. They’ll need to keep the pressure on Bortles throughout the game, if not they run the chance of him picking him apart and having a big day offensively. The Browns’ offense should be able to generate offense against an underwhelming Jaguars defense. Expect this to be a big day for Isaiah Crowell as the Jaguars have struggled to stop the run. If the Browns force Bortles to make mistakes and get Isiah Crowell heavily involved, expect the Browns to win this one.

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