Longshot: Why Drew Brees To CLE Makes Sense


While there are murmurs that Saints veteran and Super Bowl winning QB Drew Brees could potentially be traded, nothing from a legitimate source has said anything about the Browns showing interest. Yes, there’s been some iffy Twitter accounts that have made claims, but that’s about it.

Even so, it’s fun to think about.

At the right price, Drew Brees to Cleveland makes perfect sense. Here’s why:

1. The Browns have been in desperate need to fill the most important position on the football field for years. Despite the fact that he’s 36 years old, Brees¬†knows how to play quarterback and would definitely have success here in Cleveland.

2. Drew Brees is six feet tall. You know who else is? Johnny Manziel. Brees serves as the PERFECT mentor to the young QB still trying to find his way. Not only has he won a Super Bowl and has had continuous success in the league, but he’s also undersized just like Manziel. He would teach certain techniques that an undersized quarterback needs to succeed, something that the rest of the quarterbacks in the league would fail to understand.

3. He’s won a Super Bowl. It’s kind of like LeBron with the Cavs. A team has the utmost respect for a leader that has been to the promised land and has come out a winner. Brees could potentially change the whole mindset of this organization.

4. Josh McCown wouldn’t ever play. Not a fan, not a fan.

5. This move would excite a fan base that has only been given a slightly altered logo to celebrate this off season.

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