Let’s Talk About LeBron James’ Legacy

I never thought of it from this perspective before. However, I read a quote that in summation exclaimed that if the Cavs still had LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, they would be representing the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals tonight.

That is 100% true.

Going back through the years, LeBron’s choice to go to Miami was a smart one (tough pill to swallow as a Cavs fan). He won two championships and made the finals all four of his years there. Coming back to Cleveland was also the right move because of his unique situation…

He HAD to win one for the hometown team.

After the historic comeback in 2016, coming back from down 3-1 to beat Golden State, he had done it. LeBron won that coveted championship for the Cleveland fans that so desperately desired it for years.

Then, after the 2018 season, LeBron left again. This time for Los Angeles. I don’t know how many times I said that it didn’t make sense for him to go to LA because they were not very good, but he did it anyway

Lo and behold, this past season was an absolute disaster for LeBron and the Lakers.

The King is currently sitting at home with his family for “Taco Tuesday” instead of competing on the biggest stage basketball has to offer. Now, I am all for family time, as I visit my grandmother very frequently, but it got me thinking about LeBron’s decision to leave for the second time.

He knew the consequences and chose other things over basketball with going to Los Angeles. Someone trying to be the GOAT chose the pomp and circumstance of the LA life over the best opportunity to get back to the NBA Finals and further legitimize his quest to be the best there ever was…

Would Michael Jordan have made that same decision?

I hate to criticize LeBron because I just watched some highlights from 2007 and his amazing performance in Game 5 against Detroit. The man practically made my childhood. Then, came back and won a championship for Cleveland.

But leaving…AGAIN? And for what? The garbage that is Los Angeles? I see it as nothing more than a giant stain on a career that overall is phenomenal. I believe it to be a lapse in judgement for a man that needed to ride off into the sunset as a Cavalier.

Because he’d be competing for a championship tonight…instead of eating tacos or whatever is on the menu at home.

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