Let’s Not Screw This Up… Baker is the QB


No thanks!

The Browns are finally not looking for a quarterback and this Max Kellerman TV personality has to turn everything upside down. Now, I like Kellerman for his work in the Rocky franchise as an announcer. Even so, this is taking it a bit too far…

Kellerman during Rocky!

Of course, one could argue that QB Aaron Rodgers would serve as a great mentor for Baker Mayfield due to all of his experience throughout the years. He’s been an elite quarterback since become full-time in the 2008 season. ‘Rodgers led the Packers to a 31-25 victory over the Steelers in 2011 in Super Bowl XLV’

He was also named Super Bowl MVP in ’08.

Now, if this situation occurred before the 2018 season, it’d make a lot more sense. Rodgers could serve as Baker’s mentor during the rookie season and teach him the game while playing starter over a rookie. However, Baker is currently coming off of a playoff season (third overall) that including a dominating victory over those same Steelers in the wild card round last playoff season.

To trade for Rodgers would be such an insult and slap in the face to Baker that it wouldn’t surprise me if he then said, “I want out of Cleveland because of this addition.”

That’s why I say, “let’s not screw this up.” We have a great quarterback. It’s not like Rodgers would be willing to be a backup to Baker or anything like that as a member of the Browns.

He’d want to start on the Browns or any team he’s traded to…

Maybe…Kellerman took a couple of punches from Rocky Balboa himself that gave him brain damage? 

Frankly, the Browns should use the capital they are willing to get rid of for other players. The team just drafted a cornerback in Northwestern’s Greg Newsome II. Sure, there are more picks to be made that could end up being great on the defensive side of the football. However, the Browns may need to make trades for positions of need such as linebacker etc. Not quarterback…

It simply feels like Rodgers to the Browns would cause more problems than it would help the franchise. This is why the front office here in Cleveland should avoid this idea or even suggesting it. Show 100% faith in Baker and make sure the man knows it!

Let’s get prepared for an amazing season and shoot to get even farther in the playoffs in 2021!

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