On Thursday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers decided against trading away their pick in the draft and instead drafted Collin Sexton with the 8th pick.

The rumors were going crazy before Thursday night that the team would trade away the pick and it was rumored they may trade the pick to the Charlotte Hornets for Kemba Walker. This was not the case.

Sexton was one of the first players that the Wine and Gold held a workout with and it was known early that the Cavs were extremely interested in Sexton.

Sexton is known for his ability to attack the rim and he’s been compared to Eric Bledsoe a lot when looking at this work ethic and the ability for him to score at the rim and around the perimeter.

Sexton played at point guard in college but it appears that Sexton enjoys scoring and isn’t a big fan of playing the point guard position and was possibly forced to play the floor general by his coach Avery Johnson.

Sexton has a funny moment he can talk about that he had in college. Sexton was forced to play three on five in a game against Minnesota, this was one of his coming out parties, he showed that he can shine in high octane moments and he can battle adversity.

It’s very hard to know whether or not Sexton will start for the Cavaliers next season as the roster may be completely different by the time October rolls around, especially if LeBron leaves.

If LeBron stays, it will be very exciting to see how Sexton pairs with James. LeBron has played with a scoring guard before, Wade and Irving are the notables, so many will wonder just how much Sexton will soak up being around James.

The Cavs got a gem when they selected Sexton and it will be fun to see how he fits in with the system that has been put into place.

Image: ESPN

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