Let’s Chill Out On Bauer

Everyone knows what happened already.

After giving up eight runs (seven earned) to the Kansas City Royals in 4.1 IP, skipper Terry Francona walked out to the mound. This is a usual scene we’ve seen a million times as baseball fans.

Typically, the pitcher sulks off the mound to the dugout. Defeated and disappointed, it’s not much to write about. Yesterday, something different happened.

Bauer took to baseball, turned around and launched it over the center-field wall. The Indians ended up losing 9-6, but the story was about Bauer, who is on the trading block to begin with this July.

Bauer right after throwing the ball.

Should he have thrown the ball over the wall? Absolutely not.

Do we all make mistakes and get hot-headed? Yes, unless you’re my brother.

This story would’ve been much worse if that toss ended up hitting a fan or employee, but it simply looked bad and immature. Moreover, Francona chewed him out when he got to the mound and let it be noted that Bauer apologized after the game.

Attempting to put myself in his place, this is likely what he was thinking:

That start was like a tryout or an audition. Everyone, including Bauer himself, knows he’s on the block and the deadline is this 31st of this month. Teams were watching this start to make a final call to decide on if they should trade for him or not.

The 28-year-old stunk.

Honestly, it should’ve been Francona tossing the ball over the wall because now the Indians won’t get as much for him if they are even able to strike a deal.

The bottom line is that Bauer made a mistake. We’ve always known he’s got a temper and plays with passion. I am not going to hold this against him at all.

When it’s October and Bauer goes seven strong and wins a playoff game for the Tribe, he can throw as many balls over as many walls as he wants. It’s the runs he gave up that fans should be more concerned about.

That’s what needs to change. Not his personality. It’s what makes him a great pitcher to begin with here in Cleveland.

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