Let the Pettiness Begin

OHHHHH boy it has begun!  It may be a little earlier than we all expected but is here.  It is alreadys that time where LeBron tweets or posts some sort of subliminal message and now we all get to sit around and guess what it means.

The first subliminal message seems to be directed at Kyrie Irving.

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This is happened shortly after Kyrie Irvings 35 point performance against the Hawks Monday night which also gave the Celtics their ninth in a row while the Cavs have lost five out of there last six.

Not to mention Irving appeared on Holding Court with Geno Auriemma saying

“That was something that I was unbelievably craving in terms of what I wanted in terms of my career. Brad fits perfectly in terms of that because he’s an intellectual mind and a great human being.”

It is hard to believe that this wasn’t a shot at Tyronn Lue.

Kyrie also took a shot at the Cavs franchise as a whole after the Celtics win versus the Magic.


I mean this guy.. just doesn’t stop.  He is not only after LeBrons Eastern Conference crown, he is also after LeBrons crown of pettiness.

This mean you could also see things possibly pick up for the Cavs.  It is hard to believe that LeBron isn’t watching and doesn’t like the things being said about the Caavs or the Celtics early success.

The Cavaliers look to start their turnaround tomorrow verses the Bucks on NBA TV.

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