April 14, 2024

After the Cavaliers went down 2-1 in their first-round matchup with the Indiana Pacers for the first time since Lebron James really began to emerge in the NBA as a force to be reckoned with, I started to doubt him.

Thoughts like, “Maybe playing all 82 games really wore him down. Is he thinking about leaving again?” began to creep into my head. And while discussing the series with my friends about doubting Lebron they told me how asinine that statement truly was.

However, as time went on and the series progressed, it became clearer and clearer to me that the things that Lebron can do on a basketball court in his 15th season (18th if you count all the games that he has played in the playoffs) simply cannot be matched by any human to ever play the game of basketball.

Just this postseason alone in elimination games James’ stat lines have been the following. In Game 7 against the Pacers, he scored 45 points while grabbing eight rebounds and dishing out seven assists. Then Friday in Game 6 against the Celtics, Lebron scored 46, grabbed 11 rebounds and dished nine assists.

Over his last seven postseason elimination games, James has either scored 40 points or gotten a triple-double. The only question is in Game 7 against the Celtics, which will it be…40 points or a triple-double?

With the loss of Kevin Love for Game 7 due to concussion protocol and with Lebron’s health possibly being in question after a scary collision with Larry Nance Jr and general fatigue from having to carry the team throughout the playoffs, the answer is simple.

If Lebron gets any help from his supporting cast then he can easily secure a triple-double, but if he needs to he can take over and be the scorer that we all know he’s capable of being when he wants to. However, he will do whatever he needs to do to ensure that the Cavaliers and Lebron will be taking their 4th and 8th consecutive trips to the finals respectively.

Image: ESPN

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