LeBron’s Tweets Point to Him Staying in Cleveland

Updated: September 21, 2017

Everyone is saying LeBron is leaving to join the Lakers after this season, but his Twitter activity may say otherwise. I have complied some of his recent tweets that lead me to believe the King is staying.

Right here, he’s paying homage to another Cleveland legend in Joe Thomas. If he didn’t care about the city at all, he could’ve stayed silent.

He refers to the Indians streak by reference of the city. This shows he’s still a firm believer in Cleveland and everything it represents.

Acknowledging an amazing winning streak by a Cleveland team. He didn’t have to tweet anything or pay attention to baseball at all.

Even going as far as making a video to pay respect to the team. That’s telling…

The key to this one is “the loyalty you showed #TheLand.” Why would someone planning to bounce in a year say something like that to another Cleveland athlete?

Obviously, these tweets are no guarantee by any means, but it is nice to see LeBron supporting to city and its teams/players during the offseason. If he was completely silent about Cleveland, it would have me a bit nervous about his vibes heading into his contract season.

Of course, the team must have a great year and only a championship would 100% guarantee LeBron staying home. However, I am confident that LeBron has no plans to leave The Land.

Keep tweeting about Cleveland, Bron. It makes us feel good.


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Photo: ESPN

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