There will be a lot of speculation about LeBron’s upcoming decision about where he will play next season. While there are many aspects of his game that can be analyzed, this article will discuss his philanthropic work and how by helping others he has shown himself to be a true role model for children to look up to.

The LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF) is an organization whose mission is to help children and young adults succeed in life through education. There are many projects that the foundation does; the most notable one is the “I Promise” initiative. This initiative was started to help combat the high dropout rate in Akron high schools and has begun to encompass elementary school students as well.

The “I Promise” initiative is a list of promises that the kids make to help in their educational endeavors. They include promises to go to school, do their homework, be respectful of their teachers and much more. This list gives the children a template for the goals they should strive for on a daily basis in school.

According to their website, “Each year, Akron Public Schools identifies a new class of students that by third grade have already fallen behind their peers. With research showing this is a critical time to intervene, LJFF wraps its arms around these kids and supports them with the resources, mentorship and encouragement they need to stay on track to graduation.”

Besides for just helping keep these children on track to graduate from high school, the LJFF has pledged to help put over 2,000 of them in college and LeBron has donated over $80 million for this to happen. While LeBron never went to college, he understands that most children need to go to college to have any success in their futures.

While you can compare LeBron James and Michael Jordan based on their many accolades and can make a case for each of them being the greatest basketball player of all time, it is hard to not give LeBron the edge when it comes to his charitable work and that may be Lebron’s Real Legacy!

Image: ESPN

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