LeBron’s LA High School Visit Was Harmless

Updated: September 14, 2017

Someone captured this picture of LeBron and his wife visiting Sherman Oaks Notre Dame High School in L.A. The image went viral and sparked questions from many due to LeBron’s supposed infatuation with playing in L.A. next year. Is LeBron looking at the high school for his kids? Is he scouting the basketball team?

The answer is no. LeBron was simply using their gym to work out. He addressed his visit in a video for Uninterrupted.

Everything LeBron does this year will be blown out of proportion because of his upcoming free agency. This is a little bit of a stretch. If LeBron was shopping high schools in LA, I highly doubt he would make it this obvious. His eldest child, LeBron James Jr, is only a 6th grader anyway. There is no reason he would be scouting high schools this early. Everyone needs to take a deep breath.

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