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Known as “The Chosen One” coming out of high school (and for a very good reason), LeBron James was destined to be a perennial NBA All-Star after a couple of years in the league. James has been selected to the All-Star game 12 times in his career, eight times with the Cleveland Cavaliers and four times with the Miami Heat. The only year that James missed being selected to the All-Star game was his rookie year back in the 2003-04 season. This All-Star game has brought along a special meaning for James as it will be the last time that James and his friend Kobe Bryant face off as Bryant will be retiring at the end of the season.

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2005 All-Star Game (Denver, Colorado) 


After missing the All-Star team his rookie year, James made the team in his sophomore season and was even voted in as a starter in the main event in Denver, Colorado. LeBron’s teammate Zydrunas Ilgauskas was voted onto the team as a reserve. LeBron was the third lowest voted starter in the game, James received 1,661,204 votes, beating out only Allen Iverson and Grant Hill. James played a decent chunk of the game, playing 31 minutes only one minute behind Philadelphia 76ers point guard Allen Iverson. James scored a modest 13 points which landed him in the middle of the pack on the team. James had a subpar shooting performance which is shown as he only managed 13 points on 13 shots. James also chipped in six assists and eight rebounds. James and the Eastern Conference beat the Western Conference by a score of 125-115. The MVP of the game was Eastern Conference starting point guard, Allen Iverson.


2006 NBA All-Star Game (Houston, Texas)


In 2006, James was back and ready to show the world that he was ready to be known as the brightest young star in the game. Instead of being the third lowest voted in starter last season, James was the third highest voted player in the game with 2,207,697 votes behind Kobe Bryant and Yao Ming. James once again was named a starter and actually performed as a starter. James erupted for 29 points to lead the way for the Eastern Conference and was only outscored by Western Conference superstar Tracy McGrady who dropped 36 points.

LeBron showed somewhat of a touch outside the three-point arc as he connected on 4 of 10 shots from deep. James grabbed less rebounds and dished out less assists compared to the previous All-Star game, but it’s obvious that James vastly improved his shooting from the previous season as he finished the game on 57% shooting from the field compared to the subpar 46% in the 2005 game. With his monster performance, James came away with the All-Star Game MVP as the Eastern Conference sneaked out a 122-120 victory over the Western Conference.


2007 NBA All-Star Game (Las Vegas, Nevada)

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After winning the All-Star game MVP the year before, James returned for the third year straight when he was the highest voted player in the game, 2,516,049 votes. Putting his perfect record on the line, Lebron and his Eastern Conference teammates were the favored side by the oddsmakers for Ohio sportsbooks. James once again lead the Eastern Conference in scoring but was outscored by two Western Conference players Amar’e Stoudemire and Kobe Bryant. Posting 28 individual points wasn’t enough for James and the East as they were blown out by 21 points in the end. This game didn’t have the big stars that most did, with four Western Conference players being replaced and one Eastern Conference player being replaced due to injury. The West beat the East for the first time with James on the team with a final score of 153-132. The MVP of the game was Kobe Bryant.


2008 NBA All-Star Game (New Orleans, Louisiana)


After being embarrassed the year before, James planned on coming back with a vengeance. Once again, James was voted as a starter and finished second overall in voting with 2,108,831 votes, East teammate Kevin Garnett finished first in voting. Although James scored an impressive 27 points, he didn’t lead the team in scoring, Ray Allen finished with 28 points off the bench for the East. What set apart Allen and James was that LeBron grabbed eight rebounds and dished out nine assists for the team. James once again shot with great accuracy, 55% from the field.

James played the most minutes in the game at 30. This was a disappointing game in terms of LeBron duking it out with Kobe Bryant. Bryant finished the game with 0 points in only three minutes. James had a monster game and came away with his second All-Star game MVP as the East easily defeated the West with a final score of 134-128.


2009 NBA All-Star Game (Phoenix, Arizona)


After winning his second MVP, James was back for more and was ready to play under the bright lights again. LeBron’s teammate Mo Williams tagged along as he was voted in as a replacement for the injured Chris Bosh. The 2009 All-Star game voting was an extreme increase in terms of voting compared to previous seasons. The leading vote getter, Dwight Howard, had 3,150,181 votes. James still finished second in voting with a total of 2,940,823 votes.

James’ 2009 performance mirrored the one that he had in his first All-Star appearance, only scoring 20 points on 18 shots, 42%. Even though James only had 20 points, he still led the Eastern Conference in scoring, which spelled disaster. The Eastern Conference was blown out of the water by the West in a final score of 146-119. The game featured co-MVP’s as Phoenix’s Shaquille O’Neal and Lakers Kobe Bryant brought home the honors of game MVP.


2010 NBA All-Star Game (Arlington, Texas)


After being blown out in 2009, James was right back into the starting line up again and was ready to help the East beat the West. Once again, James was the leading vote-getter in the game with 2,549,693 votes, nearly 600,000 votes less than the highest total last season. James lived up to the hype as the highest voted player as he finished with 25 points and had an All-Star game career-high four steals. LeBron was second on the team behind Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat in the scoring category as Wade finished with a game-high 28 points.

The world was once again denied a Kobe Bryant and LeBron James duel in the All-Star game as Kobe missed the game and was replaced by Dallas Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd. The East once again squeaked out a close 141-139 victory over the West. The MVP of the game was Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade. This would prove to be James’ last All-Star appearance for the Cavaliers before heading to Miami next summer.


2011 NBA All-Star Game (Los Angeles, California)


The world was given what we craved in 2011. Kobe Bryant and LeBron James duked it out in Kobe’s hometown. James was accompanied by teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh this season. With James’ departure from Cleveland and arrival into Miami, his voting and reputation took a hit as he finished third in voting with 2,053,011 votes trailing behind Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. This game can be labeled as Kobe’s last good All-Star game as he outperformed LeBron by a noticeable amount.

James and New York Knicks Amar’e Stoudemire both dropped 29 points for the East, but the West was backed by young superstar Kevin Durant, 34 points, and Kobe Bryant who lead the game with 37 points. James had never been closely beaten by the West, but in 2011 James and the East were defeated by a score of 148-143. Kobe Bryant, the lead vote getter, took home the MVP honors.


2012 NBA All-Star Game (Orlando, Florida)


This game can be labeled as one of James’ more impressive scoring performances in an All-Star game. Although James was the fifth highest voted player in the game, 1,360,680 votes, he led the East in scoring with an impressive 36 points along with teammate Dywane Wade posting the second highest points for the team with 24.

This game featured seven players that eclipsed the 20 point mark in the game, with three players scoring more than 25 points. The West bested LeBron and the east as Kevin Durant scorched the East for 36 points on 56% shooting from the field. With not much help, LeBron lost again to the West in an extremely close game with a final score of 152-149. Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Kevin Durant was named MVP.


2013 NBA All-Star Game (Houston, Texas)


In his third season with the Miami Heat, James and his reputation were slowly maturing and growing. James was once again one of the leaders in voting, 1,583,646 votes, as he finished second behind Kobe Bryant. James looked to take the back seat in this All-Star game, as he was during the season with the Miami Heat. Carmelo Anthony and teammate Dwyane Wade ran the show for the East this year.

Only scoring 19 points and turning the ball over four times for the East, it was Carmelo Anthony who had the ball in his hands down the stretch. The game was a close one down the stretch, but the box score said otherwise as Durant once again torched the East, this time for 30 points, but that wasn’t even the best performance. Western Conference point guard Chris Paul was named the MVP after he dished out 15 assists and scored 20 points. The West beat the East with a final score of 143-138.


2014 NBA All-Star Game (New Orleans, Louisiana)


In his fourth and final year in Miami, James had pretty much recovered his reputation from leaving Cleveland. LeBron once again was the highest voted player in the All-Star game with 1,416,419 votes. Alongside LeBron, starting in the All-Star game was his future teammate Kyrie Irving, Irving was the main event for the crowd, as he dazzled us with impressive scoring and mesmerizing ball handling skills.

James once again took the back seat, 22 points, and allowed Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving to take over the show. Carmelo finished with 30 points and Irving dropped 31 points and dished out 14 assists. Not many thought that somebody would immediately best Paul’s performance last season, but Kyrie did. LeBron and the East beat the West in a close score of 163-155. Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving was named MVP.


2015 NBA All-Star Game (New York City, New York)


In his first year back in Cleveland, LeBron was already back in the All-Star game and was ready to represent the Cavaliers for the first time since 2010. In a very low voting year in general, LeBron only finished with 1,470,483 votes, Steph Curry of the Warriors was the highest voted player with 1,513,324 votes. Many argue that if the East would have won this game that James would have been voted for his third All-Star game MVP, but the East was outlasted by the West in 2014.

In a very high scoring game, the West was lead by Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook posted an astounding 41 points off the bench. The only other player on the West to score over 20 was Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden, finishing with 29 points. James lead the East in scoring with 30 points as the East was defeated by the West, f163-158. Russell Westbrook was named MVP.


2016 NBA All-Star Game (Toronto, Canada)

LeBron was the sole Cavaliers player representative in the 2016 All-Star game. However, the Cavaliers coaching staff did coach the East. LeBron obtained 1,089,206 votes to lead the East. It was a record-setting night offensively, with the final score being 196-173, West on top. This was Kobe Bryant final All-Star appearance, and he finished with 10 points on 4-11 shooting.

For the King, he shot 6-13 for 13 points, seven steals, four rebounds, in only 20 minutes of action. Russell Westbrook once again took MVP honors, only becoming the second player in NBA history to win the award in back to back years.

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