LeBron – You Played Yourself + Kyrie Talk, Too

I love writing about LeBron. People say I’m too hard on The King, but I have such profound appreciation for what he did for Cleveland. It’s just I can’t resist the urge to occasionally criticize him.

Everyone knows LeBron left Cleveland (again) to go to Los Angeles and if I told you that the Lakers were to be 28-29, in 10th place, 13 games out of 1st and three games out of the playoffs as a whole, I would’ve been lambasted by the Twitter mob.

I said the reason why LeBron wouldn’t go to LA is cause they aren’t that good. The roster is underwhelming. I didn’t think they would be garbage. Yes, LeBron got hurt for part of the season, but they still are not very good.

People say, “Oh, Dan Gilbert is an ass hole.” As if LeBron and him are roommates and they had to hang out together 24/7. LeBron doesn’t care about him, never did.

The King will never admit it, but if the Lakers do not make the playoffs, this was a mistake. Not making the playoffs is a huge stain on an illustrious career, I don’t care what excuse you want to made.

You should have stayed. Bottom line. Ride out in the sunset as a God-like hero.

And then there’s Kyrie Irving.

The dude was literally a living legend after hitting “The Shot” against the Warriors in the ’16 Finals. For some reason, he could not handle being in Cleveland and basically forced the Cavs to trade him to Boston.

Now, could the Cavs have handled that trade different/made a different trade? Absolutely. However, it was Kyrie that made it happen by complaining and demanding “out.”

Kyrie, how are the Celtics doing?

4th in the trash Eastern Conference, not the best team morale, with no chance against a Western Conference team, even if they somehow make it to the Finals.

What I’m trying to say is that everyone makes Cleveland seem so bad. They make Dan Gilbert seem like the worst person ever and they put nothing on these guys who ditched this city and are failing now.

Was Gilbert perfect? Far from it.

Of course, I’m frustrated with the current 12-46 Cavs that we want to lose games for a better draft pick. This team makes my former Jewish Youth Group squad seem formidable.

However, my main point is that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Cleveland was a guaranteed playoff birth (LeBron) and a trip to the NBA Finals (Kyrie) every year.

We will have to wait and see how this season plays out. Then, I expect yet another super team to form. The NBA, in it’s current form, is not very good. It takes having a terrible team to realize that, frankly.

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