March 4, 2024

What’s going on world? To start, coming off a loss to a hungry Miami team should motivate us to prepare for LBJ and the Lakers! Still don’t know if Mitchell will be available on game day. We definitely can use his 29ppg for this upcoming game for sure. If not then we have to win by committee! We need everyone to chip in and do their part and I expect our big men to step up in this prime time game. AD v Mobley or Allen should be very interesting! I say that because we don’t know which AD we will get! Hopefully, we can get the lazy version of himself, if not then I expect Garland to go crazy without Mitchell. Even if Mitchell plays Garland will need to be a factor for sure! Maybe the Lakers coming off a loss to Kyrie’s clutch game-winning shot could deflate the Lakers’ confidence and they come out dragging and inside their own heads! But I doubt it.

Knowing LeBron is returning home I’m sure he’ll try to put on a show! Speaking of the show, a player who is making the most of his opportunity is Craig Porter! He’s a rookie but carries himself like a six-year vet! Reminds me of a right-handed Mike Conley at times. With him playing more valuable minutes and learning the playbook more will pay dividends throughout the season. All in all, this should be a good game both teams still have inconsistencies to work on, Let’s just hope we are on the winning end. Go Cavs.

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