LeBron Took His Talents To South Beach…Again


LeBron James has once again “taken his talents” to South Beach, this time for a more favorable reason if you’re a Cavs fan. The Cleveland team doctors have suggested that LeBron stay in a warmer climate because it’d be better for his ailing back. Thus, James took to his residence in Miami to complete his rehab program.

James has missed the last six games with back and knee injuries.

“I’m on a program right now. I feel good. Week 1 is complete and I got one more left, they say,” James said. “If everything continues to go well, I’m on target, I’m on pace, I’m feeling better every day.” (ESPN.com)

Hey, whatever LeBron needs to do to get better, right? The stay in Miami makes sense, unless his boys DWade and CB are planning on joining forces once again. Then we’ve got a problem!

James will travel with the team for their West Coast trip starting against the Golden State Warriors. He looks to play against the Los Angeles Lakers next Thursday.

-Zach Shafron


-Jake Shearman (@CavsNtn)

Sounds like bull shit to me. A weak excuse for a vacation! I mean, he said if it was the playoffs he could be playing. Not a big deal but seems like you should be with your team during these trades and and a tough games. Oh, well. Go Cavs!

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