LeBron James Will Leave The Cavs Next Season…


… to play for the Browns!

Sorry for the click bait everyone. It’s a slow day.

During the Cavs shoot-around this morning, LeBron spoke about the Joe Thomas’ injury and his appreciation for what Joe Thomas has done on the Browns.

If you are too lazy to watch this 1:36 video, one of his quotes from the interview is “I’ve got a lot of opinions about the Browns, but I’m not going to get into that right now.”

Now, I’m speculating here, but one of those opinions that he refuses to touch on could be why the Browns haven’t approached LeBron about his plans for his upcoming free agency.

Let’s all flash forward to June of next year. Fresh off his 4-0 sweep of the Warriors in the NBA Finals where he averaged 40 points, 20 rebounds, 15 assists and 10 steals a game, LeBron James is meddling his free agency and what he should do for the upcoming season. He could stay in the greatest city of all time, continue his dominance of the Eastern Conference and bring even more championships to his hometown. He could move to LA to try and revitalize the Lakers stinking franchise while being chirped by Lavar Ball after every game. He could move to Houston and struggle trying to share one ball with two ball hogs.

Or, LeBron could try and do the impossible. He could try and do something that many have tried and all have failed. He could do something that would immortalize him as the greatest athlete of all time.

LeBron could lead the Browns to a Super Bowl.

Flash forward again to February 2019. The Cleveland Browns are facing the Falcons in the Super Bowl. It’s in Atlanta’s new stadium. Despite the fact this is the Browns’ first Super Bowl appearance, the place is fully packed with Falcons fans. The crowd has been extremely hostile all game. The Browns have the ball on the Falcons’ 44-yard line. Atlanta has the lead 24-20 with 10 seconds left. The Browns have just used their final timeout after their backup quarterback went down injured.

With no QB’s left on their roster, the Browns turn to their 34-year-old rookie wide receiver/emergency quarterback, LeBron James. The former King of basketball straps up his helmet and jogs from the sidelines into the huddle. LeBron turns and looks each of his teammates in the eyes. “I wish I could say something classy and inspirational” LeBron exclaimed, “but that just wouldn’t be our style. Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever. It’s been an honor sharing the field of battle with you.” LeBron breaks from the huddle. Everyone is looking around confused. That was all he said. He didn’t even call a play.

The Browns line up in a shotgun formation, five wide receivers, trips right. The ball is snapped. LeBron scans the field. The clock ticks. He shrugs off one defender, spin moves another and rolls out to his right. As the time expires, LeBron heaves the ball as far as he can. The ball lands in the mash of bodies jumping in the middle of the end zone. Everyone lands in a pile. Nobody can see who has it. After a few seconds of fighting, an arm extends upward holding the ball high in the air. It’s Browns wide receiver and ex-Cavalier teammate JR SMITH! LeBron turns to the crowd and yells “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?” The Browns win! The Browns win!

Ok, so I’ll admit that scenario might be a little unrealistic. We all know Atlanta would never have a stadium packed full of excited fans. Everyone can dream though!


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