Lebron James Should Have Stayed Out Of The Odell Beckham Jr. Saga

When I recently critiqued the great and “Holier than thou” Lebron James about the fact that he interjected himself into the Odell Beckham Jr. story because he suggested OBJ should be freed from the Browns on a recent Twitter message, I received a rash of criticism from fans of James because I should know that he brought Cleveland an NBA title in 2016 and thus he should be off-limits by us Cleveland sports fans because he was a hero for the area.

I appreciated James being part of the Cleveland Cavaliers and bringing that championship to the community. But today, the King, having the nerve to push his own agenda and opinions forward while putting his hometown football team in the cross-hairs of an unnecessary issue is just wrong. My opinion of James unfortunately has taken a hit for other reasons besides this latest stunt by James, but this latest one is a bit too much for my liking.

Why should we excuse celebrities for their bone-headed opinions and have people defend these folks because they provided something of value to the community or sports community in the past?

Cleveland sports fans are the most loyal fan base around, almost to a fault. We’ve survived James leaving his Cavaliers and this community twice. And while I’m thankful for that title he brought home in 2016, he should have stayed away from the whole Browns dysfunction, Baker Mayfield, Jarvis Landry fumbles and the Beckham Jr. pity party.

Does Lebron want to play receiver for the Browns? Okay, maybe I’ll tune in a bit more, but otherwise, take your talents back to Hollywood, and leave us loyal fans that care about our teams alone. Lebron, you’ve always been about your brand and your self-image. While it has fared well over the years your opinions aren’t needed right now. Have you called Browns coach Kevin Stefanski yet today and told him you’re sorry for adding fuel to the fire in Berea these days.

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