LeBron James is Coming Home – Appreciate It

It has been a pretty disastrous year for the Los Angeles Lakers. The team is coming into tonight’s game against our Cavaliers with a record of 30-41 in 10th place in the Western Conference. It’s hard to imagine a squad with LeBron James on it to perform this poorly, but it’s been a year filled with injuries and dysfunction.

Now, LeBron himself is averaging 29.8 points, 8.2 rebounds and 6.2 assists on 52.2% shooting (35.7% from three). Now, the snarky fan is going to say individual numbers don’t matter compared to the team as a whole. That is true, but I still feel LeBron should get some respect…

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These days it’s always fun to have LeBron return home for a game compared to say when he was a member of the Miami Heat and fans wanted to literally kill the guy. Since coming back to Cleveland and winning the championship in 2016, LeBron is more appreciated than anything.

What’s weird is that the guy is now 37-years-old. In basketball terms, that’s like 90. Yet The King continues to average unreal numbers even in his 19th season of playing.

Moving forward, there is some speculation that LeBron will once again return to Cleveland to finish off his career. Additionally that he wants to play with his son Bronny on whatever team drafts him in 2024.

The appeal to a Cleveland return is that the Cavs have a young and talented core that has managed to win 41 games (to this point in the season). Add LeBron to that mix and the Cavs could be extremely competitive with the best of them.

My whole life has essentially been growing up with LeBron James as a fixture of professional basketball. The scary part is that there will one day be a time when LeBron is no longer a member of the NBA anymore. That The King is retired and done playing.

Watching LeBron play tonight against the Cavs and, of course, we want our Wine & Gold to ultimately win the game. However, take a look and appreciate the man because he won’t be around forever.

In recent games LeBron has scored 38 points (@Was), 36 points (@Tor), 50 points (vs. Was) and 56 points (Vs. GS). I could totally see LeBron dropping a ridiculous number tonight against the Cavs here in Cleveland just to remind everyone who is boss.

One more fun fact: LeBron just passed Karl Malone for second on the NBA All-Time Scoring List. He trails Kareem Abdul-Jabbar by 1440 points with 36947 total. Thus, if LeBron averaged 25 points moving forward, it would take him 58 games to become number one.

While this Cavs season has certainly been filled with ups and downs, enjoy this one and appreciate LeBron while you can! This should be the first season without LeBron that the Cavs will make the playoffs since 1998.

“It’s basketball time!” 

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