LeBron James Heckler Kicked Out While Screaming His D-III College Stats

Updated: May 22, 2017

Last night was an all around rough night for LeBron. The cherry on top of his off night was when a heckler was ejected while screaming out the stats from his Division III college playing days.

I’ll admit LeBron deserves criticism for his performance last night. After having one of the best stretches in his career to start these playoffs, his amazing run ended with a very mediocre showing against Boston. He looked lackadaisical and unfocused all night.

Now, that doesn’t mean some D-III baller deserved to chirp LeBron with his own stats. I’ll give the guy some props though for his courage though. Especially since it was as he was being escorted out of the arena. I want to know more about this heckler. I’ve got to see what his stats were to determine how I truly feel about this guy. I think this whole situation would be even funnier if he averaged two points per game.

I’ll update this with more info about the guy if I found out this hecklers name.


So, after some extensive investigative journalism I’ve found this guy and his stats. He’s been tweeting and bragging about it on twitter.

Here are his career stats:

Now that we know his stats this is pretty funny. He really screamed “I averaged 6.6 PPG on 36.1% shooting!” at the King himself. Shout out to Hiram College!



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