LeBron James Changes His Free Throw Shot

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In a surprising move, LeBron changed up his free throw form before Game 2 against the Pacers. LeBron has shot his career worst percentage from the free throw line this season at 67.4%. He has never been a great free throw shooter; his career average of 74.4% is below the league average of 75% since 2001-2002.

According to The Athletic, Kyle Korver was the one who noticed the differences in LeBron’s free throw stroke and his jump shot. Korver pointed out to LeBron how he didn’t dip low enough at the waist and is feet were not staggered, like how he shoots jumpers.


As shown in the image from yesterday’s broadcast, LeBron adjusted his feet to a staggered approach for his free throws. In response to the change, LeBron told The Athletic, “I never shoot like this. I’m always shooting from the hip. I like it. I’m sticking with it.” LeBron finished 3-6 from the line in Game 2 against the Pacers.

The change itself isn’t what’s concerning to me. The new stance, while unconventional, makes sense because of how he shoots his jump shot. Plus, he’s shooting a career-worst already this year. It’s not like he can get any worse than what he’s shooting in terms of his career percentage. What is a little concerning to me is that he changed it in Game 2 of the playoffs. I just don’t like the fact he doesn’t have 100% confidence at the line right now.

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Image: ESPN

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