LeBron Has a Chance to Win Finals – What’s The Value?

This obviously isn’t a normal year in regards to practically everything in our world and these United States. I recently wrote an article saying I was pulling for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals.

However, the season was completely different from a regular year.

The end of the regular season and the playoffs were all played within a bubble in order to prevent the spread of the horrific Corona Virus. Some teams, like our Cleveland Cavaliers, didn’t even get the chance to finish their respective seasons. The host is ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex inside Walt Disney World in Bay Lake, Florida.

No fans and no home-court advantage, unlike a usual year.

Automatically, there will be those LeBron-haters that say because of the circumstances this shouldn’t even count. However, what was King James supposed to do? The man is playing in the games that are presented by the league and there is truly nothing more that he can do besides compete.

Now, will this year be looked at differently compared to a normal season and playoffs? Of course.

Frankly, that shouldn’t take away from the achievement of the winner. After all, every team played in the same format. It’s not like the Los Angeles Lakers played every game with a full arena of fans and the Miami Heat had to play with no one watching them on the floor.

With the Lakers up 3-1, LeBron needs one more win in order to secure his fourth title (10 appearances).  I will never hate LeBron again, despite the fact that he did leave Cleveland for a second time in 2018, because of the fact that the team won the championship in 2016. Ironically, coming back from down 3-1. Thus, I am not saying these finals are over until the final horn blares and the Lakers win that last game.

Let’s just hope that for all professional sports and really society in general that this is the only year of debate. That next season will go back to the normal home and away regular season with lots of fans, playoffs and finals without any worry of a virus infecting those that want to be a part of the festivities.

I have my doubts…

Obviously, there’s always going to be those that claim Michael Jordan is the true Greatest of All Time. But then, many others give LeBron that same title over Jordan. It’s not like there’s ever going to be 100% agreement. Winning this championship doesn’t hurt or help LeBron’s GOAT argument. Losing it could have been devastating to it…

If the Lakers do finish off the Heat and win the title, it will be a feat that LeBron has won a championship for three different organizations throughout his illustrious career.

Still, one more win is needed…

Good luck.


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