November 28, 2022

LeBron: “Family, Winning” Will be Determining Factors in Free Agency Decision



LeBron has proven he will win wherever he goes, no matter who he plays with. By just being on the court with LeBron, his skills and basketball IQ will elevate your game. Winning won’t really be an issue wherever he ends up. Obviously, it’s a lot easier to win with better players around you, though.

Out of all the teams he’s been rumored to have interest in, Houston is the best one. Even though it would be a huge adjustment for him, playing with James Harden and Chris Paul, there’s no way they wouldn’t figure it out and win a ton of games. Though, they would still have to face the Warriors before the NBA Finals. Even with a loaded roster, that should still be a massive downside.

As for the other Western Conference team with ties to him, the Lakers have definitely overachieved this year. Still, they’re a long way away from turning themselves into a contender in the West, even if they’re able to sign LeBron and another superstar. Plus, let’s not forget they’ve got the Ball family to deal with. When it comes to trying to win, I just think that’s too big of a risk for not much reward.

In the East, Cleveland is maxed out when it comes to contracts. Unless they’re able to convince some veterans to sign a minimum deal or make another huge trade, this will pretty much be the same roster next season if LeBron stays. With all the injuries they’ve suffered, we don’t really know what we’ve got with this team yet. The playoffs will show us all how good the Cavs actually are.

Philly is the other big Eastern Conference team he’s been linked too. They’re ripe with budding stars, such as Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Dario Saric. LeBron himself has even taken Simmons under his wing already. LeBron recently referred to Simmons as the “Prince” to his King in an instagram post. They even share the same agent, Rich Paul, and primary sponsor, Nike. They would easily become the best team in the Eastern Conference if they added LeBron, but he seems like a weird fit next to Simmons and Embiid.

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