LeBron Could’ve Been in the NFL – WHAT?

LeBron James is a freak athlete. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. At 6”8 and 240+ pounds, the man has been able to dominate the NBA since being drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003.

Think about this…

“LeBron James said Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll both offered him an NFL contract during the 2011 NBA lockout.” – Via Bleacher Report

Imagine if LeBron had decided to take one of these offers and join the NFL as say a wide receiver. This would’ve completely change the history of both leagues and moreover the outcome of the what happened with the Cavs in the past years.

Let’s say LeBron plays in the NFL, rekindling his high school days of playing football for St. Vincent St. Mary’s high school. Well, a number out outcomes could have occurred.

LeBron could’ve turned out to be this amazing receiver and dominate the league. He also could’ve gotten injured and ruined any type of future career. Additionally, there would be a question of if he would return to playing basketball, continue playing football and so on and so forth.

The biggest question of all in regards to a Cleveland fan would be if LeBron would have ever made that historic return back to Cleveland. The return that provided this city with a championship in the 2016 season. Of course, coming back from down 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors. There would be no Block or Shot by LeBron or Kyrie Irving.

From an unbiased perspective, it would’ve been really interesting to see how someone like LeBron would fair in the NFL against such big time competition. As a Cavs fan, I am of course very happy that he returned and the events of 3-1 happened.


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