LeBron Congratulates The Indians on Their 21 Game Win Streak

Updated: September 14, 2017

LeBron James was one of the many Cleveland athletes to comment on the Indians’ 21-game win streak yesterday. He posted a congratulatory video on his Uninterrupted Twitter account and retweeted it with his personal one.

In the video, LeBron talks about how great of an accomplishment this is for the team and how inspirational their run has been. Like the rest of us, LeBron hopes this isn’t the end of the streak and he wants to follow up with another video once they reach 40 wins in a row. LeBron understands how impressive it is to bounce back like the Indians have after their crushing World Series defeat.

Of course, in typical LeBron James fashion, he couldn’t let the entire moment go by without acknowledging his own 27-game win streak on the Miami Heat.

(Interesting that he tweeted this exactly at 4:20. Has LeBron been spending too much time with JR?)

The fact he took the time to make a video for this shows that he genuinely does care about what’s happening in the city. He could easily have just tweeted something out like everyone else did and it would’ve sufficed. Instead, he sat down and recorded this to show his genuine support for the team. Though, he probably should’ve done another take because at one point it seemed like he forgot the name of the World Series.

Right now, nobody has any idea of LeBron’s future plans with the Cavs organization. This could be giving us a little insight into his what his intentions are, though. I don’t see why he would feel the need to post anything about his hometown team if he is considering leaving. Hopefully, this is a good sign for things to come.

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