I know this is storyline about LeBron is talked about but this might get you thinking outside the lines: I was chatting with my dad like most kids do, and we’re watching the Heat Pacers game on ESPN and he was like Aaron I heard something interested about Lebron coming home. I responded what did you here and where from. He said on a local radio show I believe the fan said that LeBron is not a big fan of Kyrie and that he is a ball hog. Cavs are supposed maybe to be getting rid of Kyrie this offseason. What the possible trade would be is Send Kyrie to LA and have the Cavs get Chris Paul. My opinion that’s great we would get a possibly better point guard and then get LeBron back. Now obviously these could be true or false but I thought that made since and didn’t at the same time. Reason why I say that is because I thought I’ve heard that LeBron and Kyrie are kinda buddies. But that could just look like that and just be a cover up. But if you ever notice they always look like those two are buddy buddy with each other. But was this just another false story to have all Cleveland fans hope of getting LeBron

-Aaron Kucia


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