LeBron Can Finally Take a Seat

Updated: August 23, 2017

32-years-old and counting. The back-up is 37-years-old and counting.

The Cavs have had their troubles keeping a decent product on the court whenever LeBron is either hurt or resting on the bench. The Cavs were absolutely exposed during the finals when Richard Jefferson was forced to cover Kevin Durant. Sorry, but Jefferson is too old and just not agile enough to cover Durant.

The Cavs did sign Jeff Green during this off-season, but he’s also aging and has regressed considerably since his prime days in Boston. Jae Crowder added to Cleveland’s roster is like a shot in the arm considering he can guard most small forwards and he can offensively provide off the bench for the team. The Cavs have had their troubles finding a small forward that can provide points off the bench; the only solid position off the bench for scoring would be the shooting guard position.

Crowder has been known for his defending since he was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks and he was the biggest piece involved with the Rajon Rondo trade back in 2014. Crowder can run up and down the court and defend well enough to warrant the back-up title this season.

These small forwards build the strongest core that James has ever played with and they also give him the peace of mind going into this next season. James is only getting older and having more talent at his position on the team, Crowder is easily the best back up that James has ever had, makes his job easier especially at the defensive end of the floor. Cleveland has had their troubles finding LeBron a decent backup; Shawn Marion was a laughable back up for The King.

James has taken the proper precautions to prolong his career and he has his sights on playing in the NBA whenever his eldest son is able to declare for the draft. Adding Jeff Green and Jae Crowder to the roster just helps further this idea. Green has been coming off the bench for the majority of the last two seasons and Crowder should have no problem coming off the bench for an actual championship contender.

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