LeBron Came Back…Why Not Johnny?

Updated: December 5, 2017

This is a dumb article and while it’s only for fun, it’s sad that it can even be written or looked at for comparison.

Here goes…

Bring back Johnny Manziel! Just for the final four games of the season? I mean, don’t even get him a playbook. Just give him the reigns to the team and let him throw bombs to Josh Gordon and lead this squad to a 4-12 record.

Truth be told, the last man to win a game on a Sunday for the Browns is Johnny Manziel and he hasn’t been on the team for nearly two full seasons. The abomination that has become this team is increasingly embarrassing, sad, very hard to watch and frankly…unfathomable.

Johnny is likely 50 pounds overweight, coked out and doesn’t even want to come here to play football anymore. But can anyone really stomach another DeShone Kizer pass that sails into Lake Erie or the Pacific Ocean? Look, I was happy the Browns drafted a QB with a big frame and a strong arm, but accuracy has been an issue that has not been fixed in the slightest.

Kizer, the rookie, has a completion percentage of 52.4% this year. That’s 35th and dead-last for all qualifiers. Manziel’s career completion percentage was 57%. He also threw seven touchdowns to seven interceptions. Kizer has tossed six touchdowns and has 15 interceptions.

Kizer is better at hanging on to the ball, with two less fumbles, five to seven. THANK GOD!

In all seriousness, I definitely believe Kizer has more upside in the NFL simply due his build and arm strength. However, Johnny Football did put up better stats and has won two more games than Kizer.

It’s going to take a lot of coaching and many more game reps for Kizer to become any type of winner in the NFL. While we know Johnny doesn’t have it, we’re still waiting for this Kizer project to completely crumble.

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