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Antonio Callaway, WR Florida, Gators

Antonio Callaway is a work in progress. While we don’t know just how much work or how much progress, we are left to speculate what the organization was thinking when they drafted Callaway.

Clearly, the former Gator is a talented young man, but the NFL Draft had no shortage of talented young men. Callaway made an impact with the Gators in 2015, where (as a true freshman) he was the leading receiver for the team with 34 catches for 678 yards and four touchdowns. In the 2015 season, CBS Sports named him First Team All-American as a return specialist. Unfortunately, Callaway spent his last season in Florida suspended for a number of charges including substance abuse and violating the school’s conduct code.

Second chances are a wonderful thing. However, I’m not entirely convinced that this was Cleveland’s best choice. The wisdom (or lack thereof) involved in choosing Callaway will play out over time, and much of his success or failure will be determined by how well he can change his ways and fit into the system. GM John Dorsey believes Callaway has a desire to prove he is more than a troubled kid with bad choices. I do hope he is right.


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