The Late Games…And Growing Up Tribe

I remember back when I was a little boy and the fact that the Indians had a late-night game was one of the most exciting things ever. Staying up way past my bedtime of 9 PM (if I was lucky) to watch the team I love was just so thrilling.

Sure, my parents wanted me to go to sleep. After all, a good night’s sleep is important to a child’s well-being. Additionally, it was vital that I would wake up in time for the school bus and make it to the street corner.

I just saw that tonight’s first pitch against the Oakland Athletics is at 9:40 PM (if you’re in the Cleveland area, that is) Let’s just say I whispered a four-lettered word that starts with an F.

What, Zach? I thought the late games were the best games??? Not when staying up past 9 PM is a war against myself.

Look, I am a coffee and a diet coke addict, so I load up on caffeine during the day. Sure, it’s not healthy and I know that so please don’t bother me, Grandma. I mean uhhh loyal fans is what I meant to type. Love you so much, Grandma.

Grandma would prefer I eat more and drink water instead! She’s the best, though.

When I was a little boy, I remember sneaking downstairs late at night because I wanted to see the game on TV. This is despite the fact that we are blessed with tremendous radio announcers.

Here in 2021, I am fighting to keep my eyes open after 9 PM…Ready to plop in bed and call it a night.

Look, it’s truly “Put Up or Shut Up” time for the Indians with a 45-42 record on the season. The team is eight games behind Chicago for the division and 4.5 games out of the Wild Card. I heard a really handsome dude just wrote an article about the AL Central Playoffs for Sports Illustrated. Here’s the Link!!!

I just find it so funny how everything changes.

This idea that it’ll be a war with keeping my eyes open towards the third inning or so, yet before it was the strategic war plan of eluding my parents and bedtime to watch the entire game way back when.

Simpler times. Hanging with my bros eating batter. Batter up!!! This is where our strategic meetings to elude our parents for games took place HAHA

No, I don’t have a school bus to catch tomorrow and since it’ll be a Saturday, wake-up time isn’t crucial in any regard.

With me making a huge sacrifice to stay up for the entire game, well, the Tribe better win. Americans who serve(d) our country and are reading this probably saw “huge sacrifice” and scoffed. Firstly, thank you for your service and yeah, my sacrifice is not quite on the same level.

Anyway, let’s hope the Indians start the second half of the season on the right track with a win over the Athletics. I’m loading up on the aforementioned drinks in order to stay up for every single inning. If the team loses, a few post-game beers aren’t out of the question!

Just know, if you don’t stay up, the Sports Gods are watching and will punish you.

9:40 PM.

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