Kyrie’s Comments on First Take Were Infuriating


Kyrie went on First Take early on Monday and started quite the ruckus. He made it clear that he wanted out of Cleveland for some time and showed serious disdain for playing with LeBron. Here is his interview in its entirety.

After his NBA career is over, Kyrie should run for office. He has some serious skills in question avoidance, knows how to use false compliments to attack an organization and he can’t talk through an entire interview without contradicting himself. He would make an excellent politician.

Kyrie sounded absolutely delusional through the entire thing. In fact, Stephan A. Smith and Max Kellerman seemed like the most sane people in the world next to him. Kyrie seriously spent the first half of the interview talking about how unselfish he is, but then immediately said he was doing what he felt was best for his own interests by demanding the trade. Am I crazy or doesn’t that mean he was acting selfishly? Does he not understand how this works?

I’ve seen different people defending Kyrie because nobody could’ve seen what his relationship was like with LeBron. We may never know what it was actually like for him or how miserable it may have been for Kyrie. But, if he seriously was the “team first” player that he claims to be in this interview, then his personal relationship with LeBron shouldn’t have mattered if they were winning. He would never have thrown a hissy fit and demanded a trade if he actually cared about doing what was best for his teammates.

I’ll never forget the shot Kyrie hit to win the Finals and if he weren’t on the team, they never would have won. I also know that the Cavs would still be at the bottom of the league if it weren’t for LeBron coming back. So, I can’t support a player who would publicly disrespect the person who has brought him such success. If Kyrie wants to continue to talk down to both LeBron and the Cavs after they granted his final wishes, then good riddance. I can’t wait for October 17 when the Cavs play the Celtics on opening day. The Cavs went 0-10 against LeBron in Miami after they drafted Kyrie.

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