Kyrie Is Showing He’s Not Number Two On This Team


Going into the season we just assumed that Kyrie would take a backseat to LeBron, but that hasn’t been the case so far this year. Kyrie Irving has proved he is not scared to share the spotlight with LeBron. At times he’s even taken it away.

Kyrie was a question mark going into the season. We all assumed LeBron and Love were going to play well, but we were not sure how Kyrie would fit in. This is the first time he’s been on a team where he hasn’t necessarily been the primary ball handler, and he’s adjusted beautifully.

Kyrie is on a mission to prove he is the best player on this team. He has done this without being selfish and forcing unnecessary shots. He’s become arguably the best point guard in the league when it comes to protecting the ball. He is showing a maturity beyond his years when it comes to knowing how to run the offense. He is great at slowing the game down when he needs to, and picking up the pace. He also has stepped his defense up significantly. He is still not a great defender, but he is showing remarkable improvements.

LeBron also respects Kyrie Irving and realizes how good he is. Late in games LeBron is not afraid to let Kyrie run the show. He drove to the basket late in the win against Milwaukee with the game tied and made a remarkable and one. Kyrie isn’t afraid of the spotlight, he’s embraced it. He knows how good he is, now he’s just showing the rest of us. Has Kyrie Irving been this team’s most valuable player so far? He might be.


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