Kyrie Irving Will Not Trigger The Derrick Rose Rule


“A Designated Player may be eligible to earn 30% of the salary cap (rather than the standard 25%) if he passes certain criteria. To be eligible, the player must be voted to start in two All-Star Games or be named to an All NBA Team twice (at any level), or be named MVP. Officially titled the “5th Year 30% Max Criteria” it has been dubbed (and is more commonly known as) the “Derrick Rose Rule” after the 2011 MVP, due to the fact that when the criterion was introduced, Rose was the only player in the NBA eligible to sign the maximum extension (due to his MVP award).” – Wikipedia 

The Derrick Rose rule would have applied to Kyrie Irving if he started in this year’s all-star game. His second start in as many years.

Now while all you folks are tweeting “Kyrie Irving #NbaBallot” you could have actually been hurting the Cavs in the long run, salary cap wise.

See, if you’re a salary cap junkie, the good news is Kyrie is in 4th place for guards and likely will not start in this year’s game. Although it’s obviously disappointing from a fan standpoint, it’s good news for the business aspect of the game.

Kyrie Irving will lose 9 million dollars (of bonus money) over the course of his contract because he will not meet the criteria for the Derrick Rose Rule. Instead of the usual 25% of the salary cap, he would have made 27.5 % of it once his new contract begins new year.

The Derrick Rose rule is an interesting little kink in the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement. It’s simply paying back players whose worth was way above their rookie contracts.

Kyrie most certainly will be content with him 90 mil.

-Zach Shafron

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