Kyrie Irving – Three Point Shootout Preview


Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving looks to win his 2nd Three Point Shootout title, this being his third appearance. In what some are dubbing this the greatest field of shooters ever to partake in the contest, the task of winning this competition isn’t going to be easy.

Kyrie Irving won the competition back in 2013 with 18 points in the first round and 22 points in the second round, defeating San Antonio’s Matt Bonner in the championship round by a slim two points.

Hey, at the time, there wasn’t much to celebrate here in Cleveland. Irving’s win in the contest was a small token of gratitude for our continuous loyalty.

In 2014, Kyrie Irving barely finished his rack posted a score of 17 points. That wasn’t enough to get him into the championship round. Additionally, future teammate Kevin Love led off with a sub-par score of 16.

This year, Irving, shooting 41.4% for three,  will need to catch fire to win. He’s up against:

Marco Belinelli, Spurs – 38.1%

Stephen Curry, Warriors – 39.9%

James Harden, Rockets – 38.3%

Kyle Korver, Hawks – 52.3%

Wesley Matthews, Blazers – 39.8%

J.J. Reddick, Clippers – 43.6%

Klay Thompson, Warriors – 44%

These are some of the finest shooters in the world.

Most years, any perquisite is thrown aside and it’s simply just the guy that gets the hottest the fastest that ends up taking the trophy. For example, not many NBA fans are saying the Marco Belinelli is the greatest three point shooter in the league. Yet he won the competition last year.

Look for Kyrie Irving to try and win that second trophy! Good luck!

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