Kyrie Irving: Best Point Guard in the League?


Many point guards in the league could be considered the best. For example, Chris Paul for the LA Clippers or Rajon Rondo on the Boston Celtics. However did you ever consider our very own Kyrie Irving? The National Basketball Association is shifting into a point guard driven league, so they are becoming a pertinent part of each team. Teams with great point guards have been very good lately, those teams include: Chicago Bulls (Derrick Rose), LA Clippers, and the San Antonio Spurs (Tony Parker). In fact the Spurs made it all the way to the NBA Finals this year.

Kyrie Irving was an All-Star for the first time in the 2012-13 season. Irving won the 3-point shootout at All-Star weekend thus showing his versatility on the court. Also, he arguably has the best ball handling skills in the NBA. Many NBA analysts claim that Irving is either one of the most promising or underrated point guards while also likely to be the best in five years. They also say he will be mentioned as a possible Most Valuable Player in future years. The only issue that may cause concern with Kyrie Irving is his durability. He had a toe problem in college and missed playing-time in the past season with a broken hand. Barring any further injuries look out for Number 2, Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers, leading the league in all point guard categories.

Irving’s playing style is very good because of his ability to create many different shots. For example, Irving can penetrate the inside to create a shot for himself or for a teammate. Kyrie Irving can also shoot it from downtown, which is a good skill for a point guard. He demonstrated this particular skill during the 3-point shootout. Since, Irving can get to the basket he is also able to get to the free-throw line. This leads to free-throw shots and and1 opportunities. An ESPN analyst said that Irving has, “Irving used his quick first step and cat-like agility to maneuver into the lane, where he drew the foul.” He also did this when his team was down with only eight minutes left. These skills are what make a great point guard and that is why Irving is considered one of the best point guards in the league. Lastly, Kyrie Irving seems like he will be on the next USA team and only the best players in the NBA make that team.

The way to truly see how good Irving is and may be is to take a look at his statistics compared to other players. Compared to Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving is averaging 5.2 more points in his second season compared to Paul’s second season. This means that Kyrie is already on a better track to becoming the best point guard in the NBA. Assists are a big part of a point guard’s game no matter what team they are on. Irving had .6 more assists in his second season compared to Tony Parker’s second season respectively. If Kyrie Irving continues to improve at his current pace he will become the best point guard.
-Dal Oprian

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