Kyrie Doesn’t Take a Backseat to Anybody


One question we had going into this season was how LeBron and Kyrie would play together. Kyrie is used to having the ball in his hands the majority of the time. He’s played basketball his whole life predominantly making plays for himself and his teammates. But with the addition of LeBron he has been forced to make plays without the ball as well.

There are pros and cons to playing with LeBron. Many players have thrived while playing with LeBron. Just look at guys like Williams, West, Parker, Moon, and Chalmers. The list could go on seemingly forever. There’s a reason why players like Miller and Marion took pay cuts just to play with LeBron. We sometimes get in the mindset that anybody can play perfectly with LeBron. But that’s not always the case. There is an adjustment period for players, like Kyrie, who are used to having the offense flow through them. Chris Bosh is another player who had to adjust to playing with LeBron. Bosh was asked to do a lot less after LeBron joined the Heat. He admitted that it was difficult to see his production cut by playing with LeBron. Kyrie on the other hand has not had that problem.

After he and LeBron got into the “verbal dispute” in the locker room, Kyrie’s production has soared. Kyrie has scored more than 25 points in his last two games. His points per game and field goal percentage are both up from last year. Kyrie isn’t afraid to drive to the basket and create his own shots. Kyrie doesn’t take a backseat to LeBron. So far this year he’s shown that he has the ability to take over the game. His huge runs in the second half against the Pelicans and the Celtics were crucial in the Cavs’ wins.

Kyrie has also proven he can play his game while letting LeBron play his. Many times on teams with multiple superstars there’s one player that has a huge night while the other ones seem to take a night off. You can even look at Miami and see that they had that problem with LeBron. Last year LeBron averaged 27 points while Wade and Bosh averaged 19 and 16. That’s not the case here. LeBron and Kyrie can dominate the game at the same time. They’re both averaging over 20 points a game so far this year. Just look at the last two games against the Pelicans and the Celtics. On Friday night, Kyrie was able to score 27 while letting LeBron score 41. Every game isn’t going to be like that, but LeBron and Kyrie can share the ball on offense.

Unlike LeBron’s last go around, teams can’t only key on LeBron and defend against the Cavs. Teams need to have a game plan to stop both LeBron and Kyrie. Playing with somebody like Kyrie can add years to LeBron’s career. Just look at what Parker has done for Duncan’s career. There’s no reason to believe Kyrie can’t do the same for LeBron. These two have the ability to dominate the league for years to come. And just in case you forgot, Kyrie is only 22. The best is yet to come.


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