Kyrie Irving, 22 year old basketball star, got his first max contract. 5 year 90 million dollars. And yes, he is only 22. Since Irving still had 1 year left on current deal, the Cavaliers have locked him up for 6 years. Kyrie Tweeted out saying that he is “here for the long haul”. Dan Gilbert, Cavs majority owner also said he was “looking forward to next 6 years”.

Now what does this mean?

Free Agency is in full swing. Potential players now know that Cleveland has a premier point guard and rising star for a long time. That could entice a lot of people, named LeBron James or not.

It was reported that Kyrie signed contract very fast. Apparently coach David Blatt and GM David Griffin flew to Irving’s New Jersey home, talked with him and got him to sign the deal. Kyrie Irving’s agent Jeff Wechsler said Kyrie liked what they told him and that “it helped sell him on taking the deal”.

Is it possible that the Cavs coach and GM know something? Is it possible they have a deal with LeBron James himself, and that’s what they told Kyrie?

Who knows, but it fits with what the agent was saying. With or without LeBron though the Kyrie signing will have a direct impact on the Cavaliers Free Agency. Hawes and Miles are gone, freeing up some much needed cap room. If LeBron doesn’t come back, Cleveland fans do not give up hope. The Cavs can still pick up one hell of a player this free agency. Myself, I want Greg Monroe. He is a solid big man and wouldn’t take a ton of money to go after. Last season he made a little more than 3 million. And he would sure up the boards.

Kyrie’s signing means Cleveland has a star until 2020. Here’s to getting the King to join him in Cleveland and winning multiple championships.

I mean what else would the coach and GM have told him?

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