If you were to tell me two or three years ago that Steven Kwan was going to be one of the best hitters in Baseball. A part of me would think you’re crazy. The incredible journey of Steven Kwan continues because he’s now an All-Star for the first time in his career. Kwan is the Luis Arraez for this season for the Guardians. He’s hitting .367 with eight homers, 26 RBIs and 88 runs. 

Kwan has been a peak for pitchers this season. Pitchers don’t want to deal with me because he has great plate discipline and a good eye for the ball. He knows how to put the ball in play and can hit the ball all over the place. The 5’8 left fielder machine is one tough customer. He studies pitchers and that’s one of the things that makes him so dangerous on the plate. Size doesn’t matter in Baseball. It’s about heart and work ethic. Steven has both of those tools. Not only he can beat you with his bat, but with his glove as well. He’s a terrific defender in the outfield. 

Back in 2022, I knew he was a solid player but I never thought he would emerge as an All-Star and potential superstar. He’s proving so many people wrong. He has haters and naysayers even before coming into the big leagues. 

What many people don’t know about Steven is that he meditates before the game. He tuned out the noise, distractions and kept himself well-composed. Meditation works. Trust me, I meditate every day as well in the morning, haha.

Steven Kwan is having the best season of his career. He’s the best leadoff hitter and the top-five best hitters in the game this season. Jose Ramirez gets most of the love from this team, but Steven deserves plenty of love as well. He’s one of the reasons for the Guardians’ success so far. 

Cleveland will start their three-game home weekend series against the San Francisco Giants. 

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