April 14, 2024

On one side of the spectrum you see Kevin Durant, a player that doesn’t deserve to be here on this stage. Durant has easily become one of the most hated players in the league and for good reasons. Durant has also played the underdog card throughout his career and even went on to say that people probably didn’t watch him before he was on the Warriors. Durant has a killer mid-range game and is beyond deadly from three. He plays amazing when the game doesn’t count and it seems he thrives at the end of the game when the Warriors are already in position to win the game.

Durant is the player that tips the scale in favor of the Warriors and that angers people, especially considering how talented he is and how much fun it was to watch him in Oklahoma City. If Durant were to get to the finals with the Thunder, please remember that he was only one game away from the finals back in 2016, we would be looking at this accomplishment in a different light.

On the other side, you see The King. LeBron has performed well above expectations and has taken a slightly above average team to stardom. It seemed like LeBron had reached his peak in the previous seasons, but this season it seems like LeBron is going even beyond the astronomical expectations that have been set for the 33-year-old.

James isn’t always guarded by Durant when he faces off against the Warriors, usually Andre Iguodala is the one tasked with trying to slow down James. LeBron has almost no pressure on him going into the finals besides the expected and absolutely 100% needed production from him. With no pressure, it seems like James plays at his highest level. James scorched the Warriors in the 2016 finals when he wasn’t expected to win the series. The King is averaging 34 points per game in these playoffs and will more than likely score more than 34 points in every single one of the games in these finals. James is also averaging 9.2 assists per game and 8.8 rebounds per game.

In terms of the actual matchup, you can’t see it any other way besides LeBron being in charge. LeBron has utterly dominated Durant throughout their years playing against each other if you take away the time that Durant has spent with Golden State. James will definitely get his and it seems like Durant doesn’t wanna to play for Steve Kerr. Durant found troubles scoring and getting production at times during the Houston series and he was being guarded by PJ Tucker for the majority of the series.

James just wants it more.

Advantage LeBron!

Image: ESPN

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