September 18, 2021

Key to Today’s Game – Browns @ Chiefs

It’s a new season and all of us fans have the jitters mixed with excitement as our Cleveland Browns are finally getting underway in games that actually count for something. It’s a battle against the 2020 Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs on the road and it clearly is going to be a test.

This game is going to be an early indicator of where this team truly is to start the year. Now, let’s make one thing clear…

If the Browns lose by a score of 50-0 that doesn’t mean the season is over. There is plenty more football to be played and that is true with said loss or even if the team won 50-0. Ok, if the Browns won 50-0 today, this city will go absolutely crazy HAHA.

Anyway, with expectations so high this entire offseason leading up to this contest against one of if not the best team in the league, Browns players are human, too. They know, mentally, how big this is just like us fans.

That is why my key to this game is that the Browns need to get off to a good start. This means scoring an early touchdown, forcing a turnover, simply building the early confidence. No, this is not some crazy idea. Every team in every game wants to get off to a good start.

However, if the Browns fall behind early to such an elite team on the road, while a comeback is certainly not impossible, it will be especially hard under said circumstances.

Building that early confidence, setting the tone and letting the Chiefs know that this Browns team is for real is how a victory will occur!

I’m excited! The season is finally beginning and we all get to see if the Browns are the real deal here in 2021. It all starts today. Let’s hope the Dawgs make the most of such a huge opportunity to start the season!

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