September 26, 2022

Key Points to Watch For as Cavs Push Toward Another Finals Appearance

Where the Brooklyn Nets’ First Round Pick Lands


The Brooklyn Nets currently sit at 19-40 and are on a seven-game losing streak. As a result of their efforts, their first-round pick that the Cavs own sits as the projected 7th overall pick.

Due to projections that the pick would be a number one pick, a lot of people were calling for the team to trade the pick because it wasn’t in the ideal spot. But, because the Nets are a bad team regardless, the pick still sits in the top-10, making it a coveted lottery pick. In keeping the pick, the team has ensured itself the rights to a top-10 pick that could be top-5 or even top-3 at best.

Championship or not, the team will have its chance at players like Marvin Bagley III, Trae Young and DeAndre Ayton, setting the team up for success in the future should LeBron choose to return to the Cavs next season and protecting itself from completely bottoming out should LeBron choose to leave once again.

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